Best Free Movie Sites: Watch Free Movies

Best Free Movie Sites: Watch Free Movies

Finding a best free movie sites is hard to do. You’re usually overwhelmed with ads, popups, notifications, etc. To watch free movies you definitely need to be ready for compromise, patience, tolerance, etc. Free, right..

They’re often unreliable probably due to owner greed, legality of it, abusers, etc. They either don’t work at all, overwhelm you with Ads (so watching a movie becomes impossible) or are full of malware. Yeah, take a gamble, take a risk, who knows what you’ll find or catch in the process. We’ll try to rate and list the “usable” ones and mark the ones that are near impossible to rely on.

Getting a best movie sites to watch movies online is a hard work, no doubt.

Watch Free Movies Online

In order for you to watch free movies online, you should get yourself ready. What should you expect? Some of them jump a lot (similar links/domains) to avoid bans or legal sanctions. Others, as mentioned, use excessive number of commercials and ads, opening new tabs, popping up windows, asking for permissions, reCaptcha, showing notifications, warnings, asking for registrations, surveys, starting the movie only to interrupt it and ask for something, timer ad “bombs”, etc. We can’t list everything that you might encounter. Try and avoid accepting anything they offer, be careful where you click, close anything that moves. Avoid payments, avoid registrations, avoid everything that’s not a movie player. Although it doesn’t always help, ABP (AdBlockPlus) chrome extension is your best friend. Anything that might limit the number ads/popups. You can also try “uBlock Origin” & “Privacy Badger”.

Even best movie sites have some of these elements. So, don’t get your hopes high. In any case you’ll need to put in some effort in order to watch movies online.

Best Free Movie Sites: Watch Free Movies

Movie Sites Ranking Criterium

We can’t promise that we’ll keep this list up-to-date (but we’ll do our best), it’s more here for a personal use. If you find it useful, great, if not, tough luck. Watch free movies, watch free series, watch documentaries or other free content (without Hollywood blockbusters). There’s something for everybody.

Here we’re going to try and share the best sites to watch free movies. To rate them, we’re going to look at certain parameters:

  • Video quality
  • Practicality – Amount of ads/Popups
  • Movie DB Coverage – Randomly selected list of movies
    • Johny Mnemonic- 1995
    • Takedown – 2000
    • Walle (Animation) – 2008
    • The martian – 2015
    • Underwater – 2020
  • Additional options (number of links, cast to tv, subtitles, etc)
  • General impression

We’ll try and assign a point for each of the ones listed above.

Best Movie Sites

Without further ado:

Somewhat unusable websites:

If you would like to skip the middle man, you could jump to some of the following services:

  • VidSRC.Me
    Ads, Popups included, API available (find by IMDB_ID, Latest movies/series)

Redis source of Movies and TV

Dishonorable mentions

The movie websites that aren’t up anymore or exibit some major issues (at the time we check them):


Best free movie sites are hard to find. A lot of issues, a lot of risk, but if you know what you’re doing and don’t mind a few excessive clicks and ad/popup psychodelic behaviour, go for it. We guess in order for you to watch free movies, you have to pay some price. There’s nothing free in this world. Hopefully this was helpful to some of you and provided a good start for you to watch movies online on best movie sites out there.