Cain and Abel: Well-Known Password Recovery Tool

Cain and Abel: Well-Known Password Recovery Tool

Cain and Abel is very powerful and well-known tool for the password cracking and password recovery. According to official website, it is used over Windows operating systems. It allows its users to recover the passwords of various types by sniffing, brute-forcing, cracking encrypted passwords, etc.

Cain and Abel: Password Cracking & Password Recovery Tool

Cain and Abel is a tool built for windows to recover various kinds of passwords. It uses various techniques to recover passwords such as cracking encrypted passwords through dictionary, brute force attacks, sniffing the network recovering keys of wireless networks cryptanalysis attacks, recording VoIP, decoding scrambled passwords, revealing password boxes, examining routing protocols and revealing cached passwords. Cryptanalysis attacks are preformed using rainbow tables. Rainbow tables are generated with a program winrtgen.exe provided by the Cain and Abel package.

The latest version of Cain and Abel is more optimized and fast in its performance due to new feature of ARP. ARP Poison Routing allows sniffing on man in the middle attacks and switched LANs. In the latest version sniffer can evaluate the encrypted protocols like HTTPS and SSH-1 and it captures the credentials such as passwords using various authentication mechanisms.

The new version also contains routes extractors and routing protocols authentication monitors, brute force crackers for hashing algorithms and dictionary for several authentications.

It is developed to help the people who lost their credentials. This password cracking and password recovery tool is very helpful for the network administrators, teachers, penetration testers, forensic department, security software companies and security professionals


  • Protected storage password manager
  • LSA Secrets Dumper
  • Service Manager
  • Route Table Manager
  • MAC Address Scanner with OUI fingerprint
  • Dialup Password Decoder
  • Full HTTPS sessions sniffer for APR
  • Full LDAPS sessions sniffer for APR
  • Wireless Scanner
  • WEP Cracking
  • ARP Spoofing
  • Network Password Sniffer
  • Password Crackers
  • And much more

Supported Platforms:

  • Windows


To install it, the following system requirements are needed.

  • 10MB hard disk space at least
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista
  • Winpcap Packet Driver and Airpcap Packet Driver

Install Cain and Abel

First, you need to download the Cain and Abel. To download it, click on the “download” button below.

Now you can install it by running self-installing package.

Cain and Abel Interface
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