CryptoVenom: The Cryptography Swiss Army Knife

CryptoVenom: The Cryptography Swiss Army Knife

CryptoVenom is an advanced cryptography tool that you can use to simplify the processes involved in cryptoanalysis. With this tool, cryptographers can make their work easier when handling various cryptographic operations such as the formulation of key ciphers. This tool is open source and it offers users with numerous cryptographic functions made possible by the availability of powerful computer algorithms and other cryptography methods.

CryptoVenom: The Cryptography Swiss Army Knife

This tool is packed with a number of cryptosystems and is also capable of deploying different cryptoanalysis procedures. CryptoVenom has various algorithm functions one being the classical algorithms that can provide you with detailed step-by-step procedures that can help you solve different types of problems related to cryptography. Using classical algorithmic techniques it can effectively assist you in fractioning characters that are in plaintext to generate different sets of smaller symbols that are easier to interpret.

Hash Algorithms

The hash algorithms will allow you to perform complex cryptographic hash functions that will enable you to randomly map a variety of data sets to form a single hash that is fixed in terms of size. CrytoVenom also gives users access to Symmetric encryption and Asymmetric encryption techniques. Symmetric encryptions can be used when you want to create a single secret key that can later be shared with the intended receivers. This encryption method ensures that only those with the secret key can have access to the information that is sent after decryption.

Asymmetric Encryptions

Asymmetric encryptions, on the other hand, can be applied when you intend to pair a certain public key with another private key. The combination of these two keys will allow you to decrypt messages that are linked to the keys. CrytoVenom also has mathematical functions that can save you a lot of time when working on different sets of binaries that have very large integers. By applying fast exponentiation algorithms you can easily work your way out of tough mathematical situations through the use of the algorithmic squaring method to achieve instant exponentiation.
Note:The functions available make CryptoVenom to have a manipulative power over cryptosystems. This gives cryptographers and other users to have an added advantage when operating these systems. Given that so many large programs have been incorporated in CryptoVenom, users may or may not encounter some errors when operating this tool.


  • Logic gates
  • Mathematical functions
  • Algorithms(Encoding, classical and hash )
  • Symmetric encryption
  • Asymmetric encryption

Soon to be added:

  • PGP Operations
  • ElGamal
  • File Hashing
  • Entrophy calculator
  • Finish Crackssistant
  • HMAC- hash(on all the available hash algorithms)
  • Algorithm Identifiers
  • TCP socket key exchange
  • Error handling
  • etc.

Supported Platforms:

Install CryptoVenom


$ git clone

Run setup:

$ sudo python

Dependencies will be install automatically. But in case it doesn’t work, install them manually using pip:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
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