Killshot: Penetration Testing Framework

Killshot: Penetration Testing Framework

Killshot is a penetration testing framework which allows the user to find vulnerabilities in their website. This tool can perform port scanning, CMS detection while also allowing the user to scan for XSS and SQL vulnerabilities.

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Killshot: Penetration Testing Framework

After launching Killshot, the user is provided with 9 different modules which vary in function from information gathering to port scanning and backdoor generation. IP address and subdomain detection are available in Killshot which is essential for every penetration tester.

It also allows the user to scan for vulnerable targets through ‘Shodan’ which is a search engine for Internet Connected Devices. In addition, this pentesting framework includes a CMS detector and exploiter. This allows the user to penetrate common content management systems like ‘WordPress’ and ‘Joomla’ which are renowned for their various vulnerabilities.


  • 9 different tools are available in this framework.
  • Can perform a diverse range of operations.
  • 11 different port scanners are available such as NMAP and Unicorn Scan.
  • Backdoor Generator available for offensive attacks.
  • Ability to search for IOT devices on ‘Shodan’ with a single API key.

Killshot Modules:

  • Spider
  • Web technologie
  • WebApp Vul Scanner
  • Port Scanner
  • CMS Scanner
  • Fuzzers
  • Cms Exploit Scanner
  • Backdoor Generation
  • Linux Log Clear

Supported Platforms:

  • Linux
  • Windows


  • Ruby
  • Curl
  • nmap

Killshot Install


Clone the GitHub repo:

$ git clone

Navigate to the working directory and install the requirements:

$ cd killshot
$ ruby setup.rb 

* If setup show any error just try to install the gems/tool manual


1. Download from the GitHub page
2. Ruby for Windows
3. Cmder here
4. Curl for 64/32
4. Nmap     



Enter the following command:

$ ruby killshot.rb


Run Killshot.rb from the installation directory.

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