Rabbler Noise Generator [NG3000]

Rabbler Noise Generator [NG3000]

Introduction: What is Rabbler Noise Generator?

At a glance Rabbler Noise Generator – NG3000 is a pocket-sized device, created by KJB Security Products, one of the most influential spy gear manufacturer based out of United States. Rabbler Noise Generator – NG3000 has been designed by counter-surveillance professional, specifically with only one purpose to boot; to prevent eavesdropping of all kind. NG3000 generates a speech-like pattern which allows its user to talk freely without having to worry about Voice recorders, radio microphones, GSM/3G bugs, body cameras, wired microphones or any other type of audio surveillance around.

The interference helps in containing the privacy of the conversation, and more so, the speech-like patterns are compiled from real human conversations making it extremely difficult to clean up by filtering out a consistent noise pattern. Without having to follow a baseline, the conversation gets buried under a layer of noise, hence making it harder to hear.

How Rabbler Noise Generator works?

Whenever you have a confidential meeting, or sensitive information sharing involved; just turn on your Rabbler Noise Generator – NG3000. If you are thinking, ‘It hardly seems any work at all.’, then you are absolutely right. It is that much simple.

According to TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-measures) professionals, human speech recognition intelligence degrades in a noisy environment. Studies indicate that speech-like conversational mask is difficult to unveil. Whenever someone is eavesdropping on you, the conversational interference makes it difficult to keep track of a single conversation.

Any recorded conversation has the capacity to store noise. Given the extent of expertise, audio engineers can differentiate between the speech pattern and cancel out the noise. The noise filter when applied, eliminates the noise, leaving a clear speech recording. However, when the conversational noise is too random and too high (which is extremely advised), the actual conversation pattern gets lost in the Noise making it digitally impossible to recover and unmask.

Along with keeping the voice level down, keeping close proximity to your Rabbler Noise Generator – NG300 is highly recommended, with the noise generator being placed equidistant from both parties being involved in the conversation.

Rabbler Noise Generator [design, hardware specs, features]

Rabbler Noise Generator – NG300 comes highly recommended from TSCM Counter-Surveillance professionals, tested and tried over and over again. It comes highly recommended for conversational privacy management in a compact size; no more than a cigarette-pack which makes it portable and easy to handle at all times.


  • Product dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Controls: Power and Volume
  • Frequency Range between 300 Hz and 3600 Hz
  • Indicators: Power, Volume, Level
  • Power Unit 9V
  • Unit Size 2 x 3.25 x .75 cm
  • Weight 11.7 ounces
Rabbler Noise Generator: Features & Design


  • Designed, conceived and tested by TCMS professionals
  • Employs highly sophisticated technique of conversational (speech-like) noise, unlike the white noise, thus making it extremely difficult to filter out.
  • The interference is driven from actual human conversations to make it more legit and effective in a real environment.
  • Highly portable: it comes in a compact shape and can be carried inside your pocket, a handbag or a small carry-on
  • Leather casing protected to avoid any bumps damaging the device
  • Customer-focused and privacy-oriented to protect sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands
  • Agility and size compactness allows it to be carried in and out of any place without being noticed
  • Easy at hand and can be used Just-in-time; whenever wherever and however it’s needed. If there is even the slightest chance of eavesdropping, you can take it out and ensure your privacy

Devices that can be rendered useless:

Rabbler Noise Generator – NG3000 can work in cancellation the spying via:

  • Voice recorders, Dictaphones
  • Radio frequency devices like microphones
  • Bionic Ear Devices
  • long distance listening device like a parabolic microphone
  • GSM/3G “bugs”
  • Body-carried video cameras – watches, ties, etc. (jamming of acoustics)
  • Wired microphones
  • Any other type of audio surveillance

Rabbler Noise Generator Usage

Rabbler Noise Generator – NG3000 has the capacity to prevent eavesdropping from all the spyware but a single unit is only efficient for a limited number of users. Let us consider a scenario where more than two people are involved in the conversation. Ideally, Rabbler Noise Generator – NG3000 works best when the users are in close proximity and their voice isn’t higher than the nose itself. So if you are holding a meeting, you may need more than one Rabbler Noise Generator – NG3000 to make sure that the privacy of the conversation is not compromised, and drowned in the noise completely.

KJB Security Products’s professionals have said it over and over again that your Rabbler Noise Generator – NG300 is a complementing tool. To increase the level of security and make the eavesdropping hard for the listener, it is highly advisable to keep conversational sound to a minimum threshold. A loud voice pattern can be identified and isolated from masking interference.

Mr Robot using Rabbler Noise Generator
Mr. Robot S3 E4: Elliot is using Rabbler Noise Generator to prevent the police from listening his conversation via bugs.

Greatly Appeals to:

  • Professionals holding meetings, whether behind closed doors or in public
  • Public office bearers with thin walls

Cause of concern

Rabbler Noise Generator – NG3000 is one of the best gadgets out there, but let’s face it, nothing is unhackable. If you think about it, there is a pattern to every programmable device and gathering enough data to formulate a noise pattern, so it is hypothetically possible to unmask the original conversation.

Note: This section is totally based on an untested hypothesis, so if you plan to use Rabbler Noise Generator – NG3000, you can go ahead. Rest easy because so far, the reviews of the device have been promising and have generated quite a buzz.


In the modern age of science and technology, privacy has become a huge concern. Surveillance equipment has improved exponentially, and it is extremely easy to just eavesdrop on any conversation, or record to be used at a later time. Rabbler Noise Generator – NG3000 provides a long-awaited solution to ensure privacy at a cost of $365.00 and makes sure that confidential conversations do remain confidential.