Radare2: 3.0.1

10/20/2018 6:17 pm

Radare2: 3.0.1

Radare 3.0.1 – New Features & Fixes

$ sys/release-notes.sh

Release Notes

Version: HEAD
From: 3.0.0
Commits: 44
Contributors: 16




  • Fix cyclomatic complexity computation when jump tables are involved
  • Fix #11838 – Use op.val in aar and honor asm.var.submin


  • Revert “Fix #11869 by using r_bin_elf_p2v_new (#11876)
  • Fix #11869 by using r_bin_elf_p2v_new (#11876)
  • Support the new Apple Watch arm64_32 mach0 cputype
  • Complete mach0.lc.toString for better rabin2 -H


  • Revert “Fix #11869 by using r_bin_elf_p2v_new (#11876)


  • core/cbin: vaddr/paddr were switched in iz


  • Fix static blob build for android and disable libuv
  • Fix the build of the static merged shared library
  • Rewrite libr.a make target without partial-ld
  • Initial import of the sys/meson-sdk.sh
  • Fix android build for the latest NDK based on LLVM
  • Static builds must go without libuv dependency
  • Don’t strip binaries in static.sh (#11832)


  • Fix build for ptrace-wrap with musl
  • Fix #11834 – Check fbsd/nbsd versions for clock_nanosleep


  • API cleanup and support RCorebind in RSocket.R2Pipe
  • Fix gcc8 warnings and rename core/asm.c to casm.c
  • Fix #11553 – Remove the R_NOTNULL bad practice


  • Add sys/release-notes.sh and define commit message conventions


  • Allow multiple packages as arguments for r2pm -i,-c,-ci


  • Fix visual panels glitch and handle ‘s’ in zoom mode
  • Fix #11851 – Cursor and echo glitches in Visual
  • Fix displaying ESIL function comments in the graph

Other Commits

  • Release 3.0.1 – bugfixes
  • Disable libuv in sys/sdk too
  • m68k: Properly classify rol/ror/not instructions
  • Add missing linking flags to statically build in OpenBSD
  • Remove PIC plugin from static builds, no need to keep fighting
  • I will merge asm/anal plugins before someone cares about this
  • It’s still built as shared, so it can be loaded on startup
  • Fix sys/meson-sdk.sh
  • This reverts commit 8115510.
  • Fix null deref in aav for static builds
  • ie: set hvaddr of elf entry0 from hpaddr
  • And remove dead code
  • Do not build GPL code with the static build
  • Fix static build problem with ptrace-wrap
  • Add asserts and checks to ensure the graph is correct before analysis
  • Use correct E-N+2P formulae
  • Run afbe right after af to get the jmptbl info loaded asap
  • Fix #11856 dmh puts “No Heap section” error msg twice (#11857)
  • Sync ptrace wrap for musl (#11862)
  • Removed a really meaningless piece of code (#11861)
  • m68k: Properly classify return instructions (#11848)
  • Fix help and autocompletion for id* (#11845)
  • Fix UBSAN unaligned struct issue in the tcc parser (#11846)
  • Fix regexes in sys/release-notes.sh
  • PDB switch to R_PACKED and utN types (#11830)
  • Fix typo, use R_PACKED and use r2 types in the PDB parser
  • Clarify BIOS section mapping in comments
  • Improve BIOS images loading
  • r_util: use char * instead of void *
  • On some architectures it is not valid to dereference a void * (I’m
  • getting this error when trying to compile on ppc64le and s390x), so
  • let’s switch to char *, which is valid.

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