Radare2: r2-3.8.0 – Taupe

09/03/2019 8:24 am

Radare2: r2-3.8.0 – Taupe

Radare2 r2-3.8.0 Taupe– New Features & Fixes

  • Version: 3.8.0
  • From: 3.7.1
  • To: 3.8.0
  • Commits: 188
  • Contributors: 30



  • Improve the aab (blaze) analysis by honoring data meta
  • Speedup and reduce false positives in aae by honoring code/string/format
  • Do not analyze functions in strings/data by honoring the meta
  • Fix infinite (or expensive) loop when fcnsize=0
  • Honor anal.strings in aav
  • Define argument and ret pseudo registers in the SuperH4’s reg profile
  • Introduce anal.in=code (2x faster aar in some big binaries)
  • Introduce afisaj and fix table contents for afisao and such
  • Implement afis[aof] – to show instruction type, family and mnemonic tables
  • Fix as command to resolve syscall by name, number and SN reg
  • Fixing ESIL for ARM architecture pre-indexed addressing mode with LDRB
  • Add more info in aflt and add afltj
  • Initial implementation of aflt (using the new RTable API)
  • Hide the shift overflow warnings under esil.verbose
  • Fix ownership issues related to cc
  • Add calling conventions for ARM32 and Thumb
  • Unify the use of R_ANAL_CC_MAXARG
  • Propagate noreturn information


  • Fix code injection issues i* commands (rabin2 -r)
  • Fix- handle LC_DATA_IN_CODE in macho
  • Fix strings on ELF bins for SH-4 with the Renesas SDK
  • Support deep JSON format for binary headers in iHj
  • Fix Cf with named formats when .iH* is used
  • Fix  – Show warning when -B used on unknown binaries


  • Shrink the Cydia package from 512mb to only 64


  • Add single quote as alias for =! and \\
  • Support 0X as an alias for 0x in numbers


  • Fix crash in gdb client
  • Notify user on hardware breakpoint hit


  • AGraph integration with radiff2


  • Fix – Honor local flags in RParse
  • Implement asm.hint.emu and improve Vr reftype selection
  • Do not try to resolve strings pointed by adrp instructions on arm64
  • Honor asm.instr in pdi
  • Hide brackets for LEA even if operand is section flag
  • Add support for the amd29k architecture
  • pix and pdx are now aliases for pad


  • Remove help for hud in ??


  • Fix : Enter used to update seek in visual call/ref graphs


  • Fix a couple of bugs in wo* and implment wo8
  • Add support for io-plugin initialization via null system command =!
  • Simplification of the io_self plugin for macOS/iOS
  • Consider endiannes when performing block write operations


  • Few memory leaks fixes
  • Fix – Seek in panels after coming back from console
  • Fix – use[] to realign comments in disasm
  • O in visual is supported in panels with the “i” key
  • Added some asm settings and classified it


  • Fix – Seek in panels after coming back from console
  • Fix – use[] to realign comments in disasm
  • O in visual is supported in panels with the “i” key
  • Added some asm settings and classified it


  • Implement pv* to completely fix
  • Fix – Implement pVj and fix pvj with argument
  • Fix – Add po[..] set of commands
  • Implement ‘cols’ RTable.query to filter by column names
  • Use block character for p= and p== graphs


  • Initial support for r2pipe.html


  • Add ROP chain execution support in ragg2


  • Let search.align override arch.align if set, improves aav in SH
  • Bring back /ai and fix regression for SUB.val
  • Skip gadgets starting with a nop in /R
  • Fix – read-only raw search
  • Fix – Add support to ‘\\d’, ‘\\w’, etc. in regex


  • Initial implementation of the RTable API with filter, sorting and query APIs


  • Fixes : Mouse wheel for hud
  • Improve mouse in visual (hud instead of goto and ignore cursor toggle


  • Fix – Properly get lib path