Reconnaissance Swiss Army Knife – ReconDog

Last Release: 10/13/2018     Last Commit: 05/05/2019

Reconnaissance Swiss Army Knife – ReconDog


ReconDog is a Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanner tool written in Python. It’s an all in one tool for all basic information gathering tasks, such as:

  • enumerating subdomains, port scanning, reverse IP lookup, NS lookup, detecting honeypot, detecting CMS, etc.

ReconDog 2.0

ReconDog v2.0 Released!

ReconDog: All In One Tool For Information Gathering

Recon Dog is program designed to perform all most common recon tasks. In other words, it’s a python script which you can use for your information gathering needs. It uses APIs for gathering, so no direct contact is made to the target and your identity wont be exsposed.


  • Wizard + CLA interface
  • Can extracts targets from STDIN (piped input) and act upon them
  • All the information is extracted with APIs, no direct contact is made to the target


  • Censys: Uses to gather massive amount of information about an IP address.
  • NS Lookup: Does name server lookup
  • Port Scan: Scan most common TCP ports
  • Detect CMS: Can detect 400+ CMSs
  • Whois lookup: Performs a whois lookup
  • Detect honeypot: Uses to check if target is a honeypot

Supported platforms:

You can run ReconDog on anything that has a python interpreter installed. Tested on:

  • OSs: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Python v: python 2.7, python 3.6

ReconDog Install

Clone it from the github repo:

$ git clone

Then install the requirements (tld, requests):

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

And all you need to do is to simply run it, as a normal python script. There is no need for manual configuration.

$ ./dog

Mac Users:

  • Install python 2/3 with brew (brew depends on Apple’s xcoode). With python3:
$ xcode-select --install
$ /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
$ brew install python3
  • Install the requirements:
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Then run with the following:
$ python3 dog

Basic Usage

 _____                         ____
| __  |___ ___ ___ ___  |\_/| |    \ ___ ___
|    -| -_|  _| . |   | |. .| |  |  | . | . |
|__|__|___|___|___|_|_|  \_/  |____/|___|_  |
                                        |___| v2.0

1. Censys
2. NS lookup
3. Port scan
4. Detect CMS
5. Whois lookup
6. Detect honeypot
7. Find subdomains
8. Reverse IP lookup
9. Detect technologies
0. All

Wizard Interface

The easiest way to use ReconDog is trough WI. Run it, select what you want from the list and enter the target. That’s it.

CLA Interface

You can also use it trough CLI (Command Line Interface). Example:

$ python dog -t -c 7

To enumerate subdomains and scan ports of all found  subdomains, run the following:

$ subdomainfinder -t | python dog --domains -c 3

If you just want to print the targets, leaves out -c option.

Recon Dog uses regular expressions to find targets, so you can integrate it with every tool. There are two switches available:

  • --domains: extract domains from STDIN
  • --ips extract: ip addresses from STDIN
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