WiFiBroot: Wi-Fi Pentest Cracking Tool [WPA/WPA2]

Last Release: 07/30/2020    

WiFiBroot: Wi-Fi Pentest Cracking Tool [WPA/WPA2]


WiFiBroot is an open-source Wi-Fi cracking tool that has the ability to hack WPA/WPA2 based Wi-Fi networks. The tool is multipurpose and can be used to perform a number of attacks on a wireless network. Since most wireless networks depend on WPA and WPA2 security authentication this tool has proved to be very helpful. It is written in python and has extensive features which make it very effective in bypassing WPA/WPA2.

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If you want to learn more about wireless security protocols, check out Wireless Security Protocols: WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA.

WiFiBroot: Wi-Fi Cracking Tool for WPA/WPA2 [Handshake, PMKID, Cracking, EAPOL, Deauthentication]

As all-in-one Wi-Fi cracking tool WiFiBroot can be used to perform both online and offline hacking attacks, depending on Scapy, a packet manipulation python library. It provides 4 modes from which you can choose from, depending on the mode chosen you can crack the saved hashes when offline or deploy a real-time online attack. The tool also uses these modes to identify the type of attack that is being performed.

WiFiBroot is known to perform de-authentication, PMKID, handshake, and EAPOLS attacks. Because the tool collects information before launching an attack, all the attacks are accomplished within a very short time.


  • Can work on Verbose mode
  • Has  wireless sniffer(which scans for any wireless network that is within range)
  • Can dissociate frames automatically
  • Has a directory for storing handshakes
  • Automatically detects EAPOL
  • Fast WPA and WPA2 cracking
  • Offline Cracking

Supported Platforms:

  • Linux


WiFiBroot Install

Since this tool relies on scapy it is important that you install Scapy first before starting the installation process. To install scapy run the the following command:

$ sudo pip3 install scapy==2.4.0

After scapy is installed you can proceed to install WiFiBroot by cloning the respo:

$ git clone https://github.com/hash3liZer/WiFiBroot.git


To get a list of available modes and options, use -h:

$ sudo python wifibroot.py -h
    $ python3 wifibroot.py [--mode [modes]] [--options]
    $ python3 wifibroot.py --mode 2 -i wlan1mon --verbose -d /path/to/list -w pmkid.txt

    #     Description                                 Value
    01    Capture 4-way handshake and crack MIC code    1
    02    Captures and Crack PMKID (PMKID Attack)       2
    03    Perform Manual cracking on available
          capture types. See --list-types               3
    04    Deauthentication. Disconnect two stations
          and jam the traffic.                          4

Use -h, --help after -m, --mode to get help on modes. 
Note: Each mode has its own options/filters. See example below:


   01      Capture 4-way handshake and crack MIC code    1

   Args               Description                      Required
   -h, --help         Show this help manual              NO
   -i, --interface    Monitor Interface to use           YES
   -v, --verbose      Turn off Verbose mode.             NO
   -t, --timeout      Time Delay between two deauth
                      requests.                          NO
   -d, --dictionary   Dictionary for Cracking            YES
   -w, --write        Write Captured handshake to
                      a seperate file                    NO
       --deauth       Number of Deauthentication
                      frames to send                     NO 

   -e, --essid         ESSID of listening network
   -b, --bssid         BSSID of target network.
   -c, --channel       Channel interface should be listening
                       on. Default: ALL

Example: Capture 4-way handshake and crack MIC code

$ python3 wifibroot.py --mode 1 -i wlan1mon --verbose -d dicts/list.txt -w output.cap 

Example: Capture and Crack PMKID

$ python3 wifibroot.py --mode 2 -i wlan1mon --verbose -d dicts/list.txt -w output.txt

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