Building Your Own Screen Using LCD Board LA.MV29.P

Building Your Own Screen Using LCD Board LA.MV29.P


I had a number of broken laptops, old ones with burned out motherboards, but with good screens. A number of years ago, there were no options to re-use them, or there were (some custom modules from Germany) but too expensive. Building your own screen is great way to utilize old panels lying around, cyberpunk way all the way.

  • Universal LCD Board LA.MV29.P
  • VGA Board VS-TY2662-V1

Universal LCD Board LA.MV29.P

This module was cheap at the time ($11) and is probably even cheaper now (with even better models). Process is relatively straightforward, find your panel model number and a compatible driver (firmware) that goes with this board. Set the driver’s bin file on an USB and push the flesh into the board. After you power the board, driver will be installed. Now, this process might be tricky.

Note: I didn’t experience any problems, but based on some DIY community input, there are couple of situations in which you can damage the board:

  • Board losing power while installing the firmware
  • Reinstalling/Replacing the firmware on previously initialized board
Building Your Own Screen: Top and Front view of LA.MV29.P*
Building Your Own Screen: LCD Controller LA.MV29.P*


  • Universal LCD Board
  • CCFL Backlight Inverter
  • Remote controller
  • IR Diode – TSOP38238
  • HP 6310 panel
Building Your Own Screen: Parts

Security cameras look “acceptable”… and so does the cable TV antena signal. The color is a bit messed up, but that’s probably due to to some wiring or LCD issue (previous tests were fine). I was a bit rough with the components.

Building Your Own Screen: Security Cameras Monitoring on Screen
Building Your Own Screen: Color on Screen

VGA Board VS-TY2662-V1

This board was a bit more expensive ($30), but I wanted to try it with another “22 panel from viewsonic (VA2216w). Parts:

  • VGA Board VS-TY2662-V1
  • CCFL Backlight Inverter Board
  • Couple of LVDS cables
  • Keyboard
  • Panel ( VA2216w )
Building Your Own Screen: VGA Board VS-TY2662-V1
Building Your Own Screen Using LCD Board LA.MV29.P

It worked out just fine with one of my raspberry pi projects.

Rotate RaspPi Display through /boot/config.txt, add what you need:

display_rotate=0 Normal
display_rotate=1 90 degrees
display_rotate=2 180 degrees
NOTE: You can rotate both the image and touch interface 180º by entering lcd_rotate=2 instead
display_rotate=3 270 degrees
display_rotate=0x10000 horizontal flip
display_rotate=0x20000 vertical flip


Playing around with electronics is never boring. Compared to a brand new monitor, if something dies here, you can easily replace the part (entire panel or ccfl backlight, ccfl backlight inverter or the board). Those boards/panels can also be used to make things like smart mirrors, digital photo frames, etc. Might be a good idea to order one board in advance, you never know when you’re going to need them (just be sure you’re ordering the right one, confirm model compatibility befre you do).

Internal note: check backup / panels / drivers.