Most Pirated Movies of 2020

Most Pirated Movies of 2020

Piracy will never die. We see people often say, “if you like it, buy it, help the creators”, especially in the gaming industry. That doesn’t apply to movies & hollywood and especially nowadays. Quality of movies continues to deteriorate and we would not be surprised if piracy levels increase. Why would anyone pay to watch another s***** movie (most likely) when they can get it for free online? Legal consequences? Yeah, good luck with that. Although some people might unexpectedly end up with a “warning” shown below, a scare tactics, the ones engaged in piracy usually know how to protect themselves.

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Movie/production companies are slowly building their own “netflix” like streaming services and soon enough we’ll be paying everyone “their share”. There are various plans and options, but roughly Netflix takes $12, HBO $15, Disney $8, Hulu $6, Prime, Paramount ( $6, ..

With raging pandemic, economic crysis, production companies streaming services and having in mind the previous year’s estimate (2019) of 20-30 billion in lost revenue, we’re definitely expecting that to grow to 50-100 billion in a couple of years.

Top 100 Most Pirated Movies of 2020

As in previous year, this list involves the “most pirated movies of 2020”. We’re masuring which movies stayed in the top 10 list the longest. Points are added based on the rank/position in the weekly list. First on the list received 10 points, second 9 points, etc. with the last one receiving 1 point.

  1. Mulan (162)
  2. Tenet (104)
  3. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (102)
  4. Greenland (89)
  5. The Witches (74)
  6. Love and Monsters (74)
  7. Bad Boys for Life (71)
  8. The New Mutants (68)
  9. Ava (61)
  10. Enola Holmes (58)
  11. Joker (56)
  12. Honest Thief (54)
  13. Sonic The Hedgehog (53)
  14. Ford v Ferrari (45)
  15. Jumanji: The Next Level (45)
  16. Frozen II (45)
  17. The Wolf of Snow Hollow (44)
  18. 2067 (44)
  19. Terminator: Dark Fate (39)
  20. 1917 (39)
  21. Unhinged (38)
  22. Knives Out (38)
  23. Scoob (37)
  24. Freaky (35)
  25. The Gentlemen (34)
  26. Fatman (34)
  27. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (32)
  28. Antebellum (32)
  29. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run (32)
  30. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (32)
  31. Birds of Prey (32)
  32. The Croods: A New Age (32)
  33. Extraction (31)
  34. Bloodshot (30)
  35. Bill & Ted Face the Music (29)
  36. Star Wars: Episode IX (28)
  37. Frozen 2 (27)
  38. Hubie Halloween (26)
  39. Charlieâs Angels (25)
  40. Jiu Jitsu (24)
  41. Skylines (24)
  42. Monsters of Man (24)
  43. The Devil All The Time (23)
  44. The Invisible Man (23)
  45. The Trial of the Chicago 7 (22)
  46. Fantasy Island (21)
  47. 21 Bridges (20)
  48. Wonder Woman 1984 (20)
  49. Doctor Sleep (20)
  50. The Hunt (19)
  51. Let Him Go (19)
  52. The Doorman (18)
  53. Gretel & Hansel (18)
  54. Onward (18)
  55. Becky (18)
  56. Trolls World Tour (17)
  57. Greyhound (17)
  58. Soul (16)
  59. Songbird (16)
  60. The Craft Legacy (16)
  61. American Pie Presents: Girls Rules (16)
  62. The Lovebirds (15)
  63. The Last Days of American Crime (15)
  64. Spenser Confidential (14)
  65. Capone (14)
  66. Project Power (14)
  67. The High Note (13)
  68. Once Upon a Time ⦠in Hollywood (13)
  69. Spies in Disguise (13)
  70. Wander (13)
  71. Countdown (12)
  72. Over The Moon (12)
  73. Parasite (12)
  74. Black and Blue (12)
  75. Inheritance (11)
  76. Boss Level (11)
  77. Dark Waters (11)
  78. Underwater (10)
  79. Artemis Fowl (10)
  80. Shirley (9)
  81. Jojo Rabbit (9)
  82. The King of Staten Island (9)
  83. The Vast of the Night (9)
  84. Another Round (8)
  85. IP Man 4 (8)
  86. Peninsula (8)
  87. Superintelligence (8)
  88. Possessor (8)
  89. Breach (8)
  90. Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (8)
  91. Da 5 Bloods (7)
  92. Zombieland Double Tap (7)
  93. Uncut Gems (7)
  94. Emma (7)
  95. Playing With Fire (7)
  96. Ad Astra (6)
  97. Run (6)
  98. Batman: Death in The Family (6)
  99. Spell (6)
  100. Guns Akimbo (6)
  101. Dolittle (5)
  102. Contagion (5)
  103. Greed (5)
  104. Infamous (5)
  105. Jexi (5)
  106. The Rhythm Section (5)
  107. The Call of The Wild (5)
  108. The Owners (5)
  109. Midway (4)
  110. On The Rocks (4)
  111. The War With Grandpa (4)
  112. The Call of the Wild (4)
  113. Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpionâs Revenge (4)
  114. After We Collided (4)
  115. 12 Hour Shift (4)
  116. Cagefighter (4)
  117. Books of Blood (4)
  118. Bombshell (3)
  119. The Lodge (3)
  120. The Addams Family (3)
  121. Motherless Brooklyn (3)
  122. Superman: Red Son (2)
  123. Survive The Night (2)
  124. Jungleland (2)
  125. Triggered (2)
  126. His House (2)
  127. Hard Kill (2)
  128. The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special (2)
  129. The Way Back (2)
  130. The Grudge (1)
  131. The Banker (1)
  132. Lost Girls and Love Hotels (1)
  133. My Spy (1)
  134. Just Mercy (1)

Top 10 “Best” Pirated Movies of 2020 (IMDb)

Based on IMDb votes we have:

  1. Joker (8.8)
  2. Dark Waters (8.6)
  3. Parasite (8.6)
  4. 1917 (8.4)
  5. Contagion (8.4)
  6. Ford v Ferrari (8.2)
  7. Soul (8.2)
  8. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (8.1)
  9. JoJo Rabbit (8.0)
  10. Another Round (8.0)

Based on IMDb metascore (metacritics):

  1. Parasite (96)
  2. Uncut Gems (91)
  3. Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (83)
  4. Knives Out (82)
  5. Ford v Ferrari (81)
  6. Ad Astra (80)
  7. Gretel & Hansel (78)
  8. The Witches (78)
  9. 1917 (78)
  10. The Hunt (77)

Our Short Comments

As usual, we have to share a few words, but we’ll try and be very quick about it. Can’t guarantee there will be no cursing. In some cases we can’t guarantee objectivity. No particular order.

  • Mulan
    • Holy s***, is it bad or is it BAD. Saying they messed up would be an understatement. Initial cartoon version is desecrated by it.
  • Greenland
    • We’ve waited for this one for quite some time, high expectations, good potential, but ended up as one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched. It’s pretty close to “I, Frankenstein” when it comes to time lost.
  • Love and Monsters
    • Mediocre, good effects, execution, story…
  • Bad Boys for life
    • We’re fans of “Bad Boys” movies, but this was kinda bad reminder of how getting old messes up things. Too much effort, bad jokes, relying on previous parts to revive the triology. Simply not enough for our taste.
  • The New Mutants
    • We’re definitely fans of SciFi and super hero movies, so not sure if we can be objective here. The 8th place seems low for this movie. If we exclude occasionally “retarded” bahaviour (hollywood movie logic), it’s a solid story, great effects, execution, almost everything is in place
  • Parasite
    • This THING won the “Best Picture” and beat “The Irishman”. The hollywood dropped to new lows. I know it’s all about the money there, but they could at least try and preserve some dignity. The first place based on metascore should probably be a sign (to us, mortals) that we don’t know anything about movies 😀 .. Bul**** .. we won’t be wasting anymore words
  • 1917
    • Good production, solid execution, single continuous scene like in “Gravity”, but something is missing.
  • Contagion
    • Of course, virus/pandemic related movies thrive beacuse of COVID-19. We like a good apocalyptic movies but we’re not great fans of “Contagion”. Good story, idea, maybe even execution, but something is missing. Maybe something related to the flow itself. All in all, watchable.
  • Soul
    • Disney rarely fails when it comes to animation movies. A refreshing funny movie anyone can watch. I would expect it to have a better vote rank, but it is what it is.
  • Knives Out
    • Not bad, but not especially good either. Interesting, good team of actors..
  • Ad Astra
    • Not fans of psychological space movies. Similar to “First Man”. It’s too slow, too personal, too human, too emotional. Not everyone would behave the same in such circumstances. Sure, it makes you wonder, but nothing more than that. Not worth the 2 hours spent.
  • Gretel & Hansel
    • The “wtf was that” mystery psychological horror trip. We’re guessing they were aiming to “Hereditary” effect, but failed. Simply not recommended
  • Tenet :
    • Interesting concept, but so hard to follow, so confusing, unable to retain audience’s attention. Now someone would say: “Well yeah, time travel s***, of course it’s confusing”. It’s not like that. This is far more confusing than it needs to be. They’ve thrown so much into the mix, who’s doing what, who’s chasing who, why, how things happened,.. girl got shot, but did she? Guy got killed, but did he? Of course, there’s also a problem of Robert Pattinson, but we’re not going to comment on that.. I think we did that last year.
  • Borat :
    • We really don’t like the comedy of Borat movies (in general). Reviving them seems pointless, but we guess it has an audience.
  • The Witches :
    • Anne f****** Hathaway and a comedy. No words..
  • Ava :
    • Holy s***. Whatever we say it’s going to piss feminists. Silence is sometime the best answer
  • JoJo Rabbit
    • We gave up 30 minutes in, hasn’t kept our attention
  • Ford v Ferrari
    • Not being able to remember the movie is almost always a good indicator of quality. Something about the cars, history, racing.. Apparently even Christian Bale and Mat Damon couldn’t help it. We do remember couple of scenes here and there, mostly funny ones, so maybe.
  • Once Upon a time in Hollywood
    • We lost ourselves 20 minutes in.. gave up. Can’t really say nothing constructive
  • Uncut Gems :
    • 2nd place on metascore list, just lol. Hollywood’s low has no boundaries.
  • Dark Waters
    • A bit slow, but a “good” one. Educational


It seems every year is the same, bad ones get on top. Hollywood is doing magic with their trailers, casting its spell on audiences. We’re betting at least half of them exit cinemas disappointed. Political correctness, china taking hollywood, feminissm, directors relying on actor fame, creating psycho/confusing movies in an effort to make people doubt themselves.. Do you understand the movie? No. Good. That must mean it’s good… Yeah, right. Of all the movies in these lists, we would use something like:

  • The New Mutants
  • Soul (nice)
  • Boss Level (interesting)
  • Countdown (scary)
  • Love and Monsters (mixed)
  • Doctor Sleep (mixed)
  • The Hunt (funny)

… and that’s it. We simply couldn’t complete the list. There are some interesting ones (blockbusters), but still not worthy of our list. Even some of the ones we listed are questionable.