Photon – Incredibly Fast Web Crawler

Last Release: 04/05/2019    

Photon – Incredibly Fast Web Crawler


Photon is lightning fast web crawler,  designed for recon, which extracts URLs, files, intel & endpoints from a target. It has a Ninja Mode, so you can use over 100 threads and everything will go smoothly.

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Photon: Lightning Fast Web Crawler

Photon is very flexible web crawler with various options that allows you to control timeout, delay, add seeds, exclude URLs matching a regex pattern, etc. This extensive range of Photon options gives you freedom to crawl a web as you wish.

In addition, it has a smart thread management and refined logic that gives you high performance. Even besides this, it’s not all that Photon can offer you. You can jump in Ninja Mode (--ninja), and to feel real speed boost, because you’ll have for clients making requests to the same server simultaneously. So, you don’t have to worry about slow connection.

Photon Ninja Mode

Features (data extraction):

  • URLs: in-scope & out-of-scope,
  • URLs with parameters.
  • Intel: emails, social media accounts, amazon buckets, etc.
  • Files: pdf, png, xml, etc.
  • Secret keys: auth/API keys & hashes,
  • JavaScript files & Endpoints present in them
  • Strings matching custom regex pattern
  • Subdomains & DNS related data

Supported Platforms:

  • Linux (Arch, Debian, Ubuntu), Termux, Windows, Mac

Compatibility & Dependencies

Photon is compatible with python 2.x - 3.x. Beside standard python libraries, which comes preinstalled with a python interpreter, Photon requires:

  • requests
  • urllib3
  • argparse


You can launch Photon using a lightweight Python-Alpine (103MB) Docker image:

$ git clone
$ cd Photon
$ docker build -t photon
$ docker run -it --name photon photon:latest -u

To view results you head over to the local docker volume, just run:

$ docker inspect photon

or by mounting the target loot folder:

$ docker run -it --name photon -v "$PWD:/Photon/" -u

If you want to install it as a library, just do as follows:

$ pip install photon --user


Photon is under heavy development and updates are frequent and regular. To check for updates, simply type --update.

It has seamless update capabilities which means you can update Photon without losing any of your saved data.


usage: [options]

  -u --url              root url
  -l --level            levels to crawl
  -t --threads          number of threads
  -d --delay            delay between requests
  -c --cookie           cookie
  -r --regex            regex pattern
  -s --seeds            additional seed urls
  -e --export           export formatted result
  -o --output           specify output directory
  -v --verbose          verbose output
  --keys                extract secret keys
  --exclude             exclude urls by regex
  --stdout              print a variable to stdout
  --timeout             http requests timeout
  --ninja               ninja mode
  --update              update photon
  --dns                 enumerate subdomains & dns data
  --only-urls           only extract urls
  --wayback             Use URLs from as seeds
  --user-agent          specify user-agent(s)\

To crawl a single website, simply type -u or --url:

$ python -u ""
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