Raspberry Pi Remote Login with TeamViewer

Raspberry Pi Remote Login with TeamViewer


Raspberry Pi Remote Login with TeamViewer. It’s one approach we can use to achieve remote access to our RaspPi. TeamViewer is a great tool that enables you a remote login to your system, no matter where you are. If your system has an access to the internet, you’re set. TeamViewer circumvent problems like router port Forwarding, NAT issues, private IPs, .. Unfortunatelly, TeamViewer had a version for RaspPi 2 & 3, with Zero and 1 being excluded. Not sure about the current situation. I’ll try to cover that part too.

Raspberry Pi TeamView setup

Jump to TeamView page and download RaspPi/ARM version. Install:

sudo dpkg -i filename.deb

If there are some dependencies missing, hit:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -f install
sudo apt-get -f upgrade

TeamViewer will start at boot by default. To enable headless view:

# sudo teamviewer setup

teamviewer setup0

get info with:

#sudo teamviewer info
teamviewer setup1

There is also an option to install/run TeamView on your RaspPi via ExaGear Desktop (which allows running x86 apps on Raspberry Pi). You might find it usefull as an idea, an alternative approach.

Install TeamViewer on Windows, enter your TeamView credentials from your remote system and you’re there.

teamviewer setup2

That’s it. Raspberry Pi Remote Login with TeamViewer if achieved.


As any other solution, it’s probably not ideal one. Some RaspPi versions might not be supported. Depending on the approach, system load is also questionable (at least on my tests). All in all, try it, see if it fits your needs.


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