Traxss: Automated XSS Vulnerability Scanner

Traxss: Automated XSS Vulnerability Scanner


Traxss is a framework that can be used to perform automated XSS vulnerability scans on webpages and URLs. Currently the framework has more then five hundred payloads which can be deployed during a vulnerability scan. It’s written in Python3 and, apart from having multiple payloads, it also offers a number of test options. This feature makes Traxss very efficient and dependable vulnerability scanner.


Traxss: Automated XSS Vulnerability Scanner

With the availability of multiple payloads Traxss makes XSS vulnerability scanning very simple. After being launched it performs vulnerability test scans at a relatively high speed. When performing a full scan using HTML, the framework deploys its query scan technique.

In addition, it also puts into use 575+ payloads; Therefore, XSS vulnerabilities, that may affect the URL, will be exposed after several parameters have been successfully passed through the suspected URL.

How Traxss Works?

The whole scanning process is automated so all you have to do as a user is just to key in the URL that you intend to scan. The URL scanning section has four scan options from which you can choose from depending on the type of scan you want to launch. In as much as the framework has a long list of payloads not all of them will be put to use every time a vulnerability scan is performed. Some vulnerability scans will only use the query scan technique while others will put to use only 7 attack vectors instead of applying the 575 plus at a go.
The additional test options can also be put to use in order to make the vulnerability scans more intense, thereby giving detailed and accurate results once the scan is complete.


  • 575+ Payloads
  • XSS vulnerability scan automation
  • Robust vulnerability testing
  • Multiple vulnerability test options


In order to run Traxss you must have Chromedriver installed on your device. OS X users can achieve an installation for this requirement by using the homebrew command below:

$ brew install cask chromedriver
Depending on the operating system that you are running on your computer, you can download a version of the Chromedriver that suits your system requirements.


Install all requirements using pip3:

$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

To build via Docker, run:

$ docker build -t
$ docker build -t xshuden/traxss

Docker run:

$ docker run --rm -it xshuden/traxss

Traxss Usage

To launch Traxss run:

$ python3

An interactive CLI will be opened and you can follow the instructions contained on the guide to complete the whole procedure.

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