Zydra: Password Recovery | Linux Shadow File Cracker

Zydra: Password Recovery | Linux Shadow File Cracker


Zydra is a tool that has the ability to perform password recovery operations and can also cracker user passwords which are available in the Linux shadow file. The tool is written in python and is capable of deploying both brute force and dictionary search in cracking user passwords.

Disclaimer: Zydra is only to be used for educational purposes and testing. Attempts to use it to carry out illegal procedures may land you in trouble.

Zydra: File Password Recovery Tool and Linux Shadow File Cracker

With its multiprocessing feature zydra makes use of all the available core processors, this helps in speeding up the rate at which passwords are cracked. Zydra supports different file formats and this makes it even more useful when it comes to decrypting passwords. It supports:

  • legacy zip files, RAR files, PDF files and Linux shadow files.

Its ability to support the Linux shadow files gives it an added advantage in cracking user passwords in shadow format.

In deploying brute force on a user password zydra will randomly generate all the potential keys that it can use to access the password information of the user. The keys are generated at high speeds due to the availability of multiprocessing feature when used on a user account the password of the victim will be easily accessed in no time.

Good to know: To enable the brute force to take effect even faster, you can specify the type of characters used in a given password. This can be in the form of symbols, letters, and numbers; it is also good to set the minimum and maximum length of the password being cracked. This will save you the hustle of running characters that may not be part of the password.

All attack processes can be viewed from the progress bar so you can know how much time is remaining for zydra to crack the intended password. This feature can come in handy when cracking passwords under limited time frames. It can help you know whether you should abort the procedure or continue with the attack.


  • Supports brute force attack and dictionary search
  • Can run on multiple processors
  • Allows specification of characters (in brute force attack)
  • Error handling
  • Allows specification of password length (in brute force attack)

Supported Platforms

  • Linux


  • Python 3.3+
  • qpdf and unrar packages
  • Debian-based distro (recommended Kali Linux)
  • Python modules: py-term, zipfile, pyfiglet, rarfile, cryp, etc. (use pip3 to install)
Note: Don’t forget that zip, pdf and rar files must have an extension. Term and py-term modules might be in conflict (try removing term module if you end up with “module ‘term’ has no attribute ‘clear'” message)

Install Zydra

Clone it from the GitHub:

$ git clone https://github.com/hamedA2/Zydra.git 


To list all available options, use -h:

$ python3 Zydra.py -h

Zydra: File Password Recovery Tool and Linux Shadow File Cracker - Help Screen


Performing a dictionary search for a zip file password:

$ python3 Zydra.py –f file.zip –d example.txt 

Accessing user password using brute force on a shadow file:

$ python3 Zydra.py –f shadow –b digits,symbols –m 4 –x 4 
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