Pentesting Platform For Android Smartphones – ANDRAX

Pentesting Platform For Android Smartphones – ANDRAX


ANDRAX is the first and unique penetration testing platform developed specifically for Android smartphones, now available internationally. It has the ability to run natively on Android so it behaves like a common Linux distribution.

ANDRAX - Ethical Hacking with Android

ANDRAX: Penetration Testing Platform For Android Smartphones

The development of ANDRAX started in 2016, available only in Brazil. But today, since it has been fully redefined and reloaded a few days ago, ANDRAX is available internationally (Offical Website).

This penetration testing platform is developed by Weidsom Nascimento of The Cracker Technology.


  • Portable: can be installed on any Android phone (full support from 5.0+).
  • Open-source: open for everyone – support for everyone.
  • Optimized: execution with minimal hardware resources.
  • Advanced Terminal: advanced and professional terminal emulator for Hacking.
  • Dynamic Categories Overlay (DCO): well organized tools category system.
  • Advanced IDE: complete support for huge number of programming languages.
  • 200+ Tools: more than 200 advanced tools for Hacking, Cracking and Penetration Testing.


Information Gathering:

  • Whois
  • Bind DNS tools
  • Dnsrecon
  • Raccoon
  • DNS-Cracker
  • Firewalk


  • Nmap – Network Mapper
  • Masscan
  • SSLScan
  • Amap

Packet Crafting:

  • Hping3
  • Nping
  • Scapy
  • Hexinject
  • Ncat
  • Socat

Password Cracking:

Wireless Hacking:


Network Hacking:

Website Hacking:

… and much more.

ANDRAX (MetaSploit)
ANDRAX (EvilGinx2)
ANDRAX (od1n)

ANDRAX Install

Check more detailed installation steps on Andrax Install [Step by Step].


  • ROOT with supersu
  • 4.0GB of free memory
  • Unlocked Kernel (* SAMSUNG users: In order to start ANDRAX properly, you might need to recompile the Kernel or use a ROM such as LineageOS)
  • Android 5.0+


Step 1:

  • ANDRAX has an automatic installer that downloads and configures the entire environment (download page). You should see root access request, so just grant the premissions.

Step 2:

  • If you don’t have a busybox installed, ANDRAX will install it for you. After busybox is installed and configured, you should see message, click OK to start downloading the core. After download is finished, it will automatically install the entire core.

Step 3:

  • Installation process may take a few minutes. Just wait it to reboot and everything will be set up.
Manual Installation:
Step 1: Click “Manual Install” in the top of menu. (browser will download .tar.xz)
Step 2: Unpack the core. (busybox tar -xvJf andrax.r1.tar.xz -C /data/data/com.thecrackertechnology.andrax/ANDRAX/)
Step 3: Open the ANDRAX interface. (It’s important to close it and open again, if it was already opened)
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