Bettercap: 2.10.0 – Nanaki

10/04/2018 12:26 pm

Bettercap: 2.10.0 – Nanaki

BetterCap 2.10.0 – New Features

  • new /api/session/modules route exposing modules realtime status from the rest api
  • new and parameters to enable or disable http dumps
  • new parameter to customize the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header of the api server.
  • the will now parse and display properly interesting http requests and responses
  • mysql.server.outfile to save INFILE buffers to a file
  • parsing device name from intercepted mdns:md values
  • new caplets module to manage system caplets
  • dns.spoof now supports a hosts file with multiple mappings
  • parsing UPNP discovery responses to get metadata about the endpoints


  • fixed bettercap.service file to use the from the eval argument instead as an autostarted module
  • fixed a json encoding issue that caused the controller to return an empty list of events when a net.sniff http event is triggered
  • locking the session object when it’s read by the api module
  • fixed a bug which prevented the first log messages not to be showed by the module
  • enabled CORS on the module in order to allow usage from other ports
  • is now on http and port 8081 by default
  • displaying a warning message if the module authentication is disabled


  • Re-include caplets in autocomplete
  • refactored caplets code in a dedicated package
  • updated dependencies
  • minor optimization to the http proxy code


BetterCap 2.10.0 - Nanaki


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