Bettercap: 2.24

05/02/2019 1:37 pm

Bettercap: 2.24

Bettercap 2.24 – New Features

  • net.probe is now able to actively discover mDNS services
  • implemented mDNS server / spoofer as mdns.server
  • added dns CHAOS banner grabber to syn.scan
  • improved syn.scan module performances when scanning multiple addresses
  • syn.scan will now perform basic tcp banner grabbing


  • fixed a nil pointer dereference when is called but the wifi module is not running
  • updated dependencies
  • logs when the http2 stream is closed are now debug logs
  • fixed release script to update stable docker image
  • fix an alignment issue for atomic ops on arm
  • syn.scan now uses a dedicated pcap handle to prevent deadlocks and improve performances
  • and https.server certificates are now correctly generated with IsCA to false
  • made BLE module less verbose by switching some of the logs to debug ones
  • fixed compilation issue related to mdlayher/raw dependency
  • fixing CORS headers only if sslstrip is enabled
  • updated gatt library to fix an invalid memory access bug


  • Add docker image latest
  • Minor improvements to prevent unecessaries allocations
  • Fixing ignored error in trigger list
  • set gps module default baud rate to 4800bps

Bettercap 2.24


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