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I agree with the following statements:

  • CyberPunk can decline/modify/delete a story if it contains inappropritate content (offensive/bad language, unrelated content, etc)
  • CyberPunk can modify (correct mistakes, adjust) and use a story in formal posts and future videos (animated stories)
* The stories and comments are completely anonymous. We don't store any information that might be used to identify you or your location (Browser details, IPs, etc). When it comes to rating/likes, we do rely on your IPs to limit the voting. Profanity is forbidden, be nice : )

Hackers stories featuring real experiences, personal endeavours, humble beginnings or terrible endings. A small and simple hub of short hacker stories. Why would you read what others did or why would you write your own? It’s always interesting in reading/hearing other people’s hacker stories and experiences, how they handled something, how they managed to do it, so it might as well be interesting to hear your own hacker story.