Empire: v4.6.1

06/23/2022 3:05 am

Empire: v4.6.1

[4.6.1] – 2022-06-10

  • Use a BC-Security fork of Donut to resolve a python 3.10 issue (@Cx01N)
  • Update reflective pick dlls (@Hubbl3)

[4.6.0] – 2022-05-24

  • Added Certify C# module (@Cx01N)
  • Added embedded VNC client and launcher (@Cx01N)
  • Added obfuscate option to C# payloads (@Hubbl3)
  • Added global obfuscation to C# modules (@Cx01N)
  • Added -BasicParsing to .bat launcher (@X0RW3LL)
  • Added obfuscation to bat launcher for HTTP and HTTP COM (@Cx01N)
  • Added option to enable/disable JA3 evasion (@Cx01N)
  • Added JA3 evasion technique to Malleable HTTP (@Cx01N)
  • Added option to client config to remove borders on tables (@Cx01N)
  • Updated staging for agents (@Cx01N)
  • Updated confuser to confuserex 2 (@Cx01N)
  • Fixed nim install on Ubuntu by using choosenim installer (@vinnybod)
  • Converted reset.sh script to Python and add tests (@vinnybod)
  • Add a --reset flag to the client (@vinnybod)