Grafana: v6.2.0-beta2

05/15/2019 11:58 am

Grafana: v6.2.0-beta2

Grafana 6.2.0-beta2 – Features / Enhancements

  • Plugins: Support templated urls in plugin routes.
  • Packaging: New MSI windows installer package**.

Bug Fixes

  • Dashboard: Fixes blank dashboard after window resize with panel without title.
  • Dashboard: Fixes lazy loading & expanding collapsed rows on mobile.
  • Dashboard: Fixes scrolling issues for Edge browser.
  • Dashboard: Show refresh button in first kiosk(tv) mode.
  • Explore: Fix empty result from datasource should render logs container.
  • Explore: Fixes so clicking in a Prometheus Table the query is filtered by clicked value.
  • Explore: Makes it possible to zoom in Explore/Loki/Graph without exception.
  • Gauge: Fixes orientation issue after switching from BarGauge to Gauge.
  • GettingStarted: Fixes layout issues in getting started panel.
  • InfluxDB: Fix HTTP method should default to GET.
  • Panels: Fixed alert icon position in panel header.
  • Panels: Fixes panel error tooltip not showing.
  • Plugins: Fix how datemath utils are exposed to plugins.
  • Singlestat: fixed centering issue for very small panels.
  • Search: Scroll issue in dashboard search in latest Chrome.
  • Docker: Prevent a permission denied error when writing files to the default provisioning directory.
  • Gauge: Adds background shade to gauge track and improves height usage.
  • RemoteCache: Avoid race condition in Set causing error on insert.