Grafana: v6.2.1

05/27/2019 1:42 pm

Grafana: v6.2.1

Grafana 6.2.1 – Features / Enhancements

  • CLI: Add command to migrate all datasources to use encrypted password fields .
  • Gauge/BarGauge: Improvements to auto value font size .

Bug Fixes

  • Auth Proxy: Resolve database is locked errors.
  • Database: Retry transaction if sqlite returns database is locked error.
  • Explore: Fixes so clicking in a Prometheus Table the query is filtered by clicked value.
  • Singlestat: Fixes issue with value placement and line wraps.
  • Tech: Update jQuery to 3.4.1 to fix issue on iOS 10 based browers as well as Chrome 53.x