King Phisher: v1.14.0: Version 1.14.0

08/01/2019 8:17 pm

King Phisher: v1.14.0: Version 1.14.0

King Phisher 1.14.0 – New Features & Fixes

  • Added the Message-ID MIME header to outgoing messages
  • Attempt SSH authentication with all agent-provided SSH keys
  • Deleted Pipfile.lock from repository to prevent hash issues between python interpreter versions
  • Add --three to pipenv install and pipenv --update startup procedures to force use of Python 3
  • Added server support for installing missing plugin requirements during initialization
  • Added asynchronous RPC methods to the client
  • Added GraphQL and database schema documentation
  • Changed Target URL to Web Server URL in Campaign Editor
  • Added the ability issue SSL Certificates through certbot

MSI Build Hashes:

md5: 1738e4b4fe8c5e4c758a8af60a87ff8d sha1: c18702d782bb8ff37b88d3f2dc63d210b993555b sha512: 11f803e4f3fed93a0edc0f8a1ec49c6eb9e10a9a663af24ebb3831a345b63fb6