OpenCTI: Version 5.3.1

05/26/2022 4:33 pm

OpenCTI: Version 5.3.1

Dear community, OpenCTI 5.3.1 has been released 😎! This minor version includes several bugfixes especially in the user interface 🪲. One of them is considered as enough important to recommend to upgrade your platform as soon as possible 🚀.

A few enhancements are also in this release, such as a more easy way to use hashes attributes in the CSV feeds🪄, suggestions in report notification removing after the suggestion has been applied as well as connectors fixes and new features 🎁.


  • #2111 Hide the number of suggestions after applied
  • #2100 Files in extensions should not includes complete access uri
  • #2099 CSV hashes enhancement
  • #2094 Add Elastic EQL as an Indicator type

Bug Fixes:

  • #2114 Position / city icons not working
  • #2112 HTML file editor not working
  • #2110 Export of relationships is not working (global screen)
  • #2106 Internal aliases missing if nothing to resolve in the creation
  • #2104 Invalid text input label
  • #2103 Hashed observable update fail when doesnt contains any hashes
  • #2098 Some PDFs are not correctly centered in the viewer

Pull Requests:

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Full Changelog: 5.3.0...5.3.1