Autopsy: Autopsy 4.8.0

08/08/2018 3:12 pm

Autopsy: Autopsy 4.8.0

Autopsy 4.8.0

New Features:

  • Data Source Grouping:
    — The case tree view can now be grouped by data source.
    — Keyword and file search can now be restricted to a data source.
  • Central Repository / Correlation:
    — New common files search feature that finds files that exist in multiple devices in the same case.
    — The Other Occurrences content viewer now shows matches in the current case (in addition to central repository).
    — Central repository options panel now shows cases that are in repo.
  • A comment about a file can be created and saved in the central repository so that future cases and see it.
  • Keyword Search:
    — Can enable OCR text extraction of PDF and JPG files using Tesseract.
    — Keyword search module normalizes Unicode text.
    — Keyword search module uses ICU to convert text files that do not have a BOM.
  • Tagging:
    — Tagging menu changed to have user defined tags at top and “quick tag” removed one level of menus.
    — New “Replace Tag” feature to change the tag on an item.
  • Other:
    — SQLite tables can be now be exported to CSV files.
    — An interesting file artifact is now created when a “zip bomb” is detected.
    — An object detection ingest module was added to the Experimental module. It requires an OpenCV trained model.

Bug Fixes:

  • Expanding the case tree is more efficient.
  • Improved “zip bomb” detection.
  • Assorted small bug fixes are included.

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