Bettercap: 2.17 – Blue Morning

02/19/2019 10:00 pm

Bettercap: 2.17 – Blue Morning

Bettercap 2.17 – New Features

  • new wifi.region and wifi.txpower parameters
  • new wifi.clear command to clear access points collected by wifi.recon
  • new ble.clear command to clear devices collected by ble.recon
  • new net.clear command to clear endpoints collected by net.recon
  • new events.filters.clear command to clear events.filters list
  • wifi.deauth and wifi.assoc now support BSSID autocompletion
  • ble.enum and ble.write now support MAC autocompletion
  • parsing BLE appearance field


  • now shows the device name if it’s available for at least one of the devices.
  • fixed compilation error on macOS
  • fixed a bug in the https.proxy certificates cache due to a race condition which caused the same certificate to be generated more than once
  • single quotes can now be used to clear variables
  • commands passed with -eval are executed after modules in autostart are activated
  • fixed a bug which caused APs encryption to be downgraded when incomplete dot11 frames are parsed
  • keeping red-mark for APs with captured key material even when stations disconnect
  • using BLE company identifier if the vendor can’t be detected by MAC
  • fixed a bug in the GATT library which caused BLE characteristics enumeration to fail in some cases
  • fixed a bug which caused characteristics enumeration to fail in some cases
  • fixed a bug which made ble.enum work only once per execution (


  • both wifi.assoc and wifi.deauth will wait for wifi.hop.period*2 on the channel in order to improve key material capturing.

Bettercap 2.16


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