Bettercap: 2.18 – Jackass

03/01/2019 2:54 pm

Bettercap: 2.18 – Jackass

Bettercap 2.18 – New Features

  • over the air HID keystrokes injection (MouseJack attack) with hid.recon, and hid.sniff
  • added events.on (and other related commands) to trigger specific actions when an events happens
  • events.ignore and events.include now support tab completion
  • parsing BLE privacy, peripheral preferred connection parameters and PnP ID fields
  • new parameter to show APs manufacturers


  • fixed a bug which caused BLE handles to be displayed incorrectly
  • command handlers are now atomically locked
  • wifi.region must be blank by default
  • wifi.AccessPoint and wifi.Station now export the Channel field via JSON for
  • removed delay in wifi.assoc and wifi.deauth as it only made them slower and not more effective
  • fixes ‘iw executable not found in path’ error on macOS


  • updated deps

Bettercap 2.18 - Jackass

PSA: Starting from this release, only AMD64 GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows precompiled binaries will be distributed.


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