Empire: Empire v4.1.3

09/28/2021 4:33 am

Empire: Empire v4.1.3


  • Version 4.1.3 Master Release
    – Fixed output from files throwing a error for the client (@Cx01N)


  • Version 4.1.2 Master Release
    – Removed pyminifier as a dependency to prevent install errors (@Cx01N)


  • Version 4.1.1 Master Release
    – Add OutputFunction to dcsync_hashdump (@jamarir)
    – Convert file operations to use with syntax (@jamarir)
    – Added Invoke-IronPython3 and some OffensiveDLR fixes (@Cx01N)
    – Fix for (#476) – String indices error ms16-032 & ms16-135 (@Cx01N)
    – Fix help menu text on the interact menu (@archcloudlabs)
    – Rework agent taskings in the client to not poll for a result (@Cx01N)
    – Added Python agents to the external/generate_agent module (@Cx01N)
    – Update add_sid_history module command (@ilanisme)


  • Version 4.1.0 Master Release
    – Correct issue where install script would break depending on the current working directory (@vinnybod)
    – Empire client now currently refreshes listener list after killing a listener (@vinnybod)
    – Removed the wiki and added a link to the new docs (@vinnybod)
    – Added the initial filtering/hooking feature (@vinnybod)
    – Fix an issue where the docker builds would not run because it was deleting the database (@vinnybod)
    – Added autocomplete for taskings in the Empire Client and added a command to view a specific task (@Cx01N)
    – Updated the OutputFunction feature to allow for arbitrary values (@vinnybod)
    – Added an IronPython3 agent (@Cx01N)