Grafana: 8.2.0 (2021-10-07)

10/07/2021 2:56 pm

Grafana: 8.2.0 (2021-10-07)

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What’s new highlights

Features and enhancements

  • AWS: Updated AWS authentication documentation. #39236, @sunker
  • Alerting: Added support Alertmanager data source for upstream Prometheus AM implementation. #39775, @domasx2
  • Alerting: Allows more characters in label names so notifications are sent. #38629, @gotjosh
  • Alerting: Get alert rules for a dashboard or a panel using /api/v1/rules endpoints. #39476, @gerobinson
  • Annotations: Improved rendering performance of event markers. #39984, @torkelo
  • CloudWatch Logs: Skip caching for log queries. #39860, @aocenas
  • Explore: Added an opt-in configuration for Node Graph in Jaeger, Zipkin, and Tempo. #39958, @connorlindsey
  • Prometheus: Metrics browser can now handle label values with special characters. #39713, @gabor

Bug fixes

  • CodeEditor: Ensure that we trigger the latest onSave callback provided to the component. #39835, @mckn
  • DashboardList/AlertList: Fix for missing All folder value. #39772, @hugohaggmark

Plugin development fixes & changes

  • Plugins: Create a mock icon component to prevent console errors. #39901, @jackw