King Phisher: v1.13.0: Version 1.13.0

04/04/2019 8:24 pm

King Phisher: v1.13.0: Version 1.13.0

King Phisher 1.13.0 – New Features & Fixes

  • Added support for logging MFA tokens with credentials
  • Added support for using regular expressions to validate credentials
  • Automatically try to install plugin dependencies with pip from PyPi
  • Added advanced, rule-based filtering support to the Campaign tabs
  • Added site template metadata
    • Site templates can now include a metadata file for describing their content
    • The Campaign Assistant will help select a target URL based on available templates

MSI Build Hashes:

md5: 08ee0dad5a668a9908370f2d24126080 sha1: 7458c504e9766ae6491b22c40dfd2f6faa361111 sha512: bb2f864cfb31f797c4582127f49ee00b4a06730dbd89668e76bcbcdad75cc87e