Manticore: Manticore 0.3.1

08/06/2019 11:00 pm

Manticore: Manticore 0.3.1

Manticore 0.3.1 – New Features


  • Smart contracts are now compiled using Crytic-Compile
  • Added detector for strict comparisons to BALANCE
  • Added bitshift instructions
  • Added stub for STATICCALL (does not enforce static nature)
  • Updated EVM Examples


  • Fixed getdents syscall
  • Fixed state merging examples
  • Support LSR.W on ARMV7
  • Fixed CrackMe Example
  • Optimize CMPXCHG8B
  • Added fast_crash configuration setting that causes Manticore to immediately produce a finding on memory unsafety


  • [changed API] Moved issymbolic into SMTLib to improve performance
  • Refactored API Docs
  • Fixed FileNotFound Error on state loading