MobSF: v1.1.6 Beta

08/09/2019 11:32 pm

MobSF: v1.1.6 Beta


This release have database model changes and core framework changes.

  • Run or setup.bat depending on your OS.
  • Migrate Database
    python makemigrations python makemigrations StaticAnalyzer python migrate 

v1.1.6 Beta Changelog

  • Features or Enhancements

    • 70x performance improvements for large APKs
    • CVSS, CWE tagging with results
    • Trackers Detection
    • App Store/ Playstore Details of supported packages
    • Added Security Score, Average CVSS Score, VirusTotal & Tracker Detection
    • Coloured logging
    • Better Logging and Exception Handling
    • Travis CI/CD integration
    • Optimized & Updated Dockerfile
    • Super fast java decompiling with JADX
    • Large scale Code QA
    • Enforced mandatory code linting
    • Integrated automated travis tests in Linux and OSX
    • Moved to proper production servers Gunicorn & Waitress
    • Improved icon detection
    • Android APK app real name
    • Moved from Oracle JDK to OpenJDK
    • Reduce False Positives
    • Enforced Least privilege mode
    • Improved Setup scripts
    • Moved to androguard based certificate printing
    • File less local db updates for better cross platform support
    • Static Analyzer rule updates and accuracy improvement
    • REST API – Recent Scans
    • classdump support for iOS swift binaries
    • Updated dependencies
    • SonarCloud Integration
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug in Appx Analysis
    • Dynamic Analysis Bug Fix
    • Fix plist bug in iOS SCA
    • Performance Improvements

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