OpenCTI: Version 4.3.5

04/07/2021 8:08 am

OpenCTI: Version 4.3.5

Dear community, OpenCTI version 4.3.5 has been released \U0001f973! Among a lot of bug fixes \U0001f6e0\ufe0f, this version introduces one major enhancement regarding the sessions management: It’s now possible to view (and kill) sessions of the users directly in the platform \U0001f9cd.

We’ve also fixed some bugs in the Python library and some new connectors have been added (details will be shared in dedicated blog posts) \U0001f680. SIEM/EDR integrations such as Splunk, Q-Radar, ElasticSearch, Azure Sentinel and others will be released soon! CORTEX XSOAR and Maltego announcements are coming as well \U0001f381.


  • #1234 Users sessions management (view/kill)
  • #499 Ask for confirmation before suppressing an entity from a graph from the pannel

Bug Fixes:

  • #1236 There seems to be a limit to how many entities are shown on a page
  • #1231 Workspaces standard IDs should be UUIDv4 to avoid problems in the creation
  • #1230 Changing the limit of objects in investigation expand raises errors
  • #1229 Data seggregation in graphs raises errors
  • #1226 No access control on some creation buttons
  • #1225 Adding an already existing relationship to a graph raises errors