Autopsy: Autopsy 4.12.0

08/02/2019 9:36 pm

Autopsy: Autopsy 4.12.0

Autopsy 4.12.0 –  New Features


  • Added ability to configure a USB drive to use new logical imager tool.
  • Added logical imager tool that runs on a live Windows computer and saves results to a USB drive.
  • Added ability to import logical imager results into Autopsy as a data source.

Ingest Modules:

  • Changed file type detection so that Tika does not rely only on extension.
  • Email ingest module assigns thread IDs to messages
  • Android ingest modules store thread ID from their databases.

Content Viewers (lower right of UI):

  • New \u201cText\u201d viewer that consolidates previous Strings and \u201cIndexed Text\u201d viewers.
  • New \u201cTranslation\u201d panel was added to the new \u201cText\u201d viewer.
  • Added integration with Google and Bing translation (credentials required)
  • Redesigned \u201cOther Occurrences\u201d viewer to have 4th column with details of selected item.
  • Added Willi Ballentin\u2019s \u201cRegistry Hive Viewer\u201d panel to the \u201cApplication\u201d viewer.
  • Improved HTML viewer to use style sheets and better layout.
  • Added ability to draw a box on a picture while tagging it.

Result Table (upper right of UI)

  • Added paging to all views for faster loading of large data sets.
  • Improved speed of displaying results when a column was sorted.


  • Portable cases can contain files marked as Interesting Items
  • Portable cases can be compressed and chunked
  • \u201cFiles – Text\u201d report can use either tabs or commas as the delimiter
  • \u201cFiles – Text\u201d report better handles Unicode text.
  • Added ability to create a CSV report for the contents of a table
  • HTML report for tagged pictures includes a copy with the overlay box


  • Added Account Summary view
  • Added Contacts panel to show all contacts associated with an account.
  • Added Media panel to show media attachments associated with an account
  • Added filter to show accounts if they involved with the most recent messages.
  • Messages can be grouped by thread.

Auto Ingest

  • New Test button was added to help diagnose permission and configuration issues.


  • Created new Triage Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) section to the User Docs