OpenCTI: Version 4.0.5

01/07/2021 11:31 am

OpenCTI: Version 4.0.5

OpenCTI version 4.0.5 is out \U0001f380! This version fixes minor bugs but which turn to be blockers for some organizations in the OpenCTI community \U0001f64f.

We will strengthen our documentation effort in the next few days, especially for all “usage” pages and the OpenCTI to OpenCTI synchronization \U0001f4dd.

Bug Fixes:

  • #983 Work cleanup (Elastic/Redis) must be time based instead of count based
  • #982 Unable to Remove Objects from Entities in Reports
  • #976 Confidence level resolved to early lead to creation error sometimes
  • #975 Change the method to compute number of connected workers
  • #973 [v4.0.4] Unable to remove permissions from Group after setting it.
  • #971 Wrong STIX indicator pattern when indicator is created from a process observable