OpenCTI: Version 5.2.4

03/30/2022 10:34 pm

OpenCTI: Version 5.2.4

Dear community, OpenCTI version 5.2.4 is out 🤯! This is a minor version which fixes a few bugs for TAXII 2 root endpoint and UI screens. We have also solved the regression on missing SROs 💪.


  • #2004 Reintroduce custom MITRE and OpenCTI SROs
  • #1980 Lowercase hashes at creation

Bug Fixes:

  • #2002 TAXII Root port “undefined” displayed
  • #2000 [5.2.3] Entering numeric text in date filter breaks ui
  • #1999 Retention policy filters not working well (must re-open to add a new filter)