Radare2: 5.3.1

06/10/2021 10:27 pm

Radare2: 5.3.1
  • Assembling invalid arm64 instructions dont result in invalid representations
  • Add http.basepath to support sub directory handling for proxying purposes
  • Support instruction descriptions when using the r2ghidra disassembler plugin
  • Fix issues and enable the garbage collector when running @vlang scripts
  • Fix arm16 ldr post indexing esil expression
  • Fix r2pipe regression caused by a change in RCons buffering when chaining multpile commands
  • Support user defined REgg plugins
  • CI: Fix macOS builds and build debian packages on ubuntu18 instead of ubuntu20
  • Fix prj.vc issue on Windows
  • Add support for armhf/armv7 musl builds as well
  • Enable build on less capable systems disabling threads, pty and other platform functionalities separately
  • Fix sorting issues on RList and foreach_prev