SniffAir: V3.0

09/07/2018 2:48 am

SniffAir: V3.0

SniffAir 3.0 – New Features

  • Migrated sniffer module from Airodump-ng to Kismet backend
  • Added a background function for sniffer module

New modules added:

  • Handshaker – Parses Database or .pcapdump Files Extracting the Pre-Shared Handshake for Password Guessing (Hashcat or JTR Format).
  • MAC Changer – Changes The Mac Address of an Interface.
  • Probe Packet – Sends Out Deauth Packets Targeting SSID(s).
  • Proof Packet – Parses Database or .pcapdump Files Extracting all Packets Related to the Inscope SSDIS.
  • Wigle Search SSID – Queries wigle for SSID (i.e. Bob’s wifi).
  • Wigle Search MAC – Queries wigle for all observations of a single mac address.