Bettercap: 2.9.0 – Angry Recon

09/11/2018 1:22 pm

Bettercap: 2.9.0 – Angry Recon

Bettercap 2.9.0 – New Features [Angry Recon]

  • new boolean flag to enable or disable endpoints metainfo rendering
  • using wireshark manufacturers file instead of oui.dat
  • now accepts an IP address parameter which, if present, will be the only endpoint listed in the table
  • WSD discovery agent for net.probe
  • UPNP discovery agent for net.probe
  • NBNS discovery agent for net.probe
  • MDNS discovery agent for net.probe
  • new boolean parameters to selectively enable or disable specific probe agents
  • net.probe on uses both NBNS and MDNS queries to fetch endpoints metadata and hostnames
  • net.sniff now also reports mDNS queries
  • systemd service file for bettercap as a system server
  • disabling authentication if username or password are empty
  • asking confirmation when the session is closed with CTRL+C / SIGINT


  • fixed the way endpoints metas are rendered on the table
  • switched caplets folder to /usr/local/share/bettercap to keep cross OS compatibility (fixes bettercap/caplets/issues#25)
  • will switch to http if provided key and certificate paths are empty
  • explicitly signaling when a net.sniff‘ed http form is empty
  • net.sniff.verbose is now false by default
  • working directory is temporarily switched when running a caplet in order to properly load/include files relative to the caplet itself
  • net.probe handled errors were turned into debug messages
  • correct lookup of caplet files from multiple default paths


  • several refactorings


Bettercap 2.9.0 - [Angry Recon]


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